Over the last six decades, the Chary Group has become synonymous with information and technology know-how on various subjects. Today, this renowned media group caters to millions of techies spread across the globe. With over 62 years of experience in print publication, the Chary Group of Publications has currently 5 publications under its banner.

  1. Its flagship publication ELECTRICAL INDIA (Est. 1961), currently in the 62th year of publication, is India’s First Magazine in the Power and Electrical Product Industry and its firm footing in the industry has got it an enormous advertiser, subscriber and author base.

  2. COOLING INDIA (Est. 2005) is currently in the 17th year of publication. Through our Cooling India, we reach out to the complete HVAC&R and relevant industries, giving them know how about the products, technologies and success stories on the application part of the HVAC&R in the industry.

  3. LIGHTING INDIA (Est. 2005) is currently in the 17th year of publication. We all use lights. But how much do we really know about lighting as a science? That came as a question when we went to a seminar. It was that very moment when the seeds of Lighting India were sown. Lighting India gives you the information on various researches going on around the world on lighting, interesting projects and products. It will get you closer to understand the world of lighting glamour. Everything would look dull with inappropriate lights. At the same time the world can look beautiful if right lights are applied to our indoor and outdoor projects.

  4. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND AUTOMATION (Est. 2007) is currently in the 15th year of publication. When a very dear person in our lives had been undergoing treatment for a fatal disease, we saw the panic in the family and the patient. Then we realised if some amount of knowledge was available on machines and how they worked on our bodies to cure the various ailments that would help us a lot. This gave Medical Equipment and Automation the reason to come into existence. The magazine is aiming to give you a knowhow about the machines (from microscope to scanning machines) and their applications- along with the latest trends in the medical industry.

  5. AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS WORLD (Est. 2019) is the only magazine of its kind covering the Automation industry as well as Robotic industry in India as well as globally. Automation & Robotics World covers latest trends, innovations, technological finds, product reviews on robotic design, automation, IoT, IIoT, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Smart Automation, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Networks, Security, Software, Power and Electronics, Robot Motors, Robotic Tools, Robotic Controllers, Sensors and many more.

The print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India but also are read by techies from foreign countries.


The online pages of the group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. We publish the latest events and news about industries on the respective website. We have a regular circulation of e-newsletter and we are active on all social media pages of our group. Latest updates are updated on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We are already scaling heights in Google Analytics.


The group’s passion for technology and its expertise in knowledge-sharing started way back in 1961 and is growing strong day by day. Our services have been appreciated and embraced by the technical fraternity. We have everlasting relations with our advertisers, authors and subscribers.


Chary Publications has set the target of empowering and helping more than 20 million techies, across the globe, through its varied magazines and online media by 2016, and it’s investing heavily on growing the online communities and increasing the number of readers of its digital platform to achieve the goal.